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Dec 20, 2012 4:00am PST
bay. our moderator is jill tucker an education reporter at the san francisco kron cell. i told jill it's hard to find bios online for reporters. they can stay out of google. she's award winning reporter and covered california schools for 14 years and knows a lot about this subject and was honored by the california teacher association and received the highest award about the growing number of homeless students in the school system. she is a san francisco native and was in the peace corps and tout in west africa and please welcome jill tucker. [applause] >> thank you. she just dated me with that 9090 peace corps thing. okay. i want to say how great it is to be here. i have been looking at everyone's name tags and awed by the wide variety of people and i want you to in rolodex. email me. there are great stories i have been hearing today. we have amazing and large panel and it is an honor to moderate for them. real quickly you will have to take my word. i have read their full bios which are three pages here. i'm not going to read all of that but you have to my word these are award winni
Dec 8, 2012 1:00pm PST
are jill tucker, "san francisco chronicle" education reporter. matthai kuruvila, also with the "san francisco chronicle." and paul rogers with "san jose mercury news." the high court announced it will review proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage and the federal defense of marriage act. paul, we'll begin with you. what can we infer from this? what's the time frame? can we expect any sweeping judgments? >> well, a timeframe is the arguments are going to happen in march then we expect a decision by the end of the court session which is june 27th. it will probably go right to the very end. as for how sweeping and how big of a decision we can expect, that's sort of the $64,000 question that court watchers were already speculating about today. are we going to get a narrow ruling one way or another on either one of these two cases or is it going to be one of those once in a generation social civil rights type cases like roe v. wade or brown v.s. board of education? and i think nobody knows. >> how much attention do you think they give to that, to public opinion? where the pu
Dec 8, 2012 1:30am PST
findings of the study by a state assembly committee. jill tucker, you've been following this. what are some of the other alarming findings in that study? >> you know, it starts with a very simple statistic, actually. that 70% of those under 25 in california identify as a person of color. so our young population is not prominently white, and yet these are the students, these are the children that are more likely to fail. so it's an economic issue for the state and it's a real problem in terms of looking at the future of our economy. but some of the other statistics when you look at that is that 55% of latino boys and 54% of african-american boys graduate on time. so you start harkening back to that 70% figure and then doing the math. one-sixth of african-american males between the ages of 16 and 25 are either out of work, out of school, or in jail. >> what are some of the reasons for that? did the study look at that? >> they did. you know, poverty is a big factor. many of these children experience huge amounts and repetitive amounts of trauma. and i can hear the viewers out there. i can
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
national weather forecast office. . >>> actors michael tucker and jill ikenberry are here. formerly bay area folks, working on stage and films, care for an elderly parent and recently met a repeat breast cancer challenge. how do we know this? michael keeps writing books. his first novel is ready. we'll catch up and hear how sustainable food keeps a local restaurant sustained, even through a recession. i'm susan sikora and that is on "bay area focus" next. . >>> welcome to the show. i'm susan sikora. good writing is a find in tv drama. for eight seasons, the series l.a. law was appointment tv. it was about a firm of attorneys, including a married couple played by real life husband and wife, michael tucker and jill ikenberry. take a look. >> okay. let's go. >> um, what about, you know, sex? >> and? >> stewart issue we have to ask. will it -- stewart, we have to ask. will it kill him? >> of course not. heart attack victims can lead normal six error lives. >> sounds great. >> normal is okay. anything more than that -- . >> and? >> stewart, this is our doctor, we have to be candid. he te
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)